How to prepare an article for the Slovak Journal of International Relations

  1. Edit the paper according to template.
  2. Print, sign and scan your declaration of originality.
  3. Check whether the article explicitly shows its objectives, methods, results and contributions.
  4. Make sure the article contains an abstract, keywords, and JEL classification.
  5. Make sure you use the name-year citation method (Lipkova 2011, p. 145).
  6. Submit the article together with the declaration of originality to the editorial office ().

Issue frequency

The Slovak Journal of International Relations contains four issues annually:

  1. Issue: editorial deadline is 15th of December
  2. Issue: editorial deadline is 15th of March
  3. Issue: editorial deadline is 15th of June
  4. Issue: editorial deadline is 15th of September

Editorial procedures and publishing ethics

All contributions that will be delivered to the editorial office () before the editorial deadline will be included to double-blind peer review process. It is assumed that manuscripts have not yet been published or submitted for publishing elsewhere. The author is responsible for the formal and scientific accuracy of the paper. There is no legal claim to the publication of a journal article. The author is committed to adhere the publishing ethics. The authors are advised to follow the template, otherwise the article will be returned for adaptation which may result in its delayed publication.

Length of the paper

Papers should retain a range of 15-25 pages of B-5 format while maintaining the required formatting. We encourage authors to use a template. Articles that do not conform to the required formatting will be returned for adaptation.

The editorial board also accepts book review of 2-4 pages.

Paper requirements

Each article must clearly identify the research objectives, methods, results and contributions of research. We do not accept articles without unambiguous scientific added value.

Each paper must also include:

  • abstract and key words in Slovak / Czech language (for authors outside the region abstract and key words will be added by editor)
  • abstract and keywords in English language
  • 1-3 JEL classification codes of the American Economic Association
  • correct determination of all grants and programs with which the article originated
  • full name, titles, address, and e-mail of all authors

Submit a paper

Send an article in Slovak, Czech or English language in MS Word (old and new versions) by e-mail to . The preferred file name is Last Name - Article title.

Articles delivered between September 16th and December 15th will be included in the review process for inclusion to the first issue. Articles delivered between December 16th and March 15th will be included to the second issue, articles delivered between March 16th and June 15th will be included to the third issue, and articles submitted between June 16th and September 15th will be included to fourth issue.

There is no necessity to submit a printed version of the article.

In addition to the article, it is necessary to send a signed and scanned declaration of originality. All submitted articles will undergo the process of plagiarism check via EtxtAntiplagiarism software.

Next steps

Upon receipt of the contribution to the editorial office, the executive editor will review the content and formalities of the article and return it to the author for completion if needed. An anonymous review process will take place in the first month after the closing of editorial deadline – each article will be submitted for review by two reviewers. Based on the outcome of the review process, the article will be accepted for publication, returned to the author for prompt completion or rejected. The articles will be published in both the printed and online versions of the journal in March, June, September, and December. Each author has a claim for one printed copy of the issue without further purchase. Submitting and publishing the article is free of charge.