The entire publishing process of The Slovak Journal of International Relations follows the ethical principles that are normally expected from this type of publication. Authors, by submitting an article to the editorial board, agree to go through a regular editorial process, including a review process. At the same time, they honestly declare that the article was not, and in the case of its acceptance, will not be offered to the publication elsewhere. The editorial board reviews articles exclusively on the basis of their scientific quality and compliance with the scope of the journal. There is no legal right to publish an article in the Slovak Journal of International Relations (Medzinárodné vzťahy).

Author's Ethics

The author, who has submitted an article to the Slovak Journal of International Relations, honestly declares that:

  1. the article is the result of his creative scientific activity (all submitted articles will undergo the process of plagiarism check via EtxtAntiplagiarism software),
  2. has a publication right from all co-authors to deal with the article,
  3. agrees with the editorial process of the Journal of International Relations and publication of the article, including the incorporation of the article in all databases in which the Slovak Journal of International Relations (Medzinárodné vzťahy) is covered or will be covered in the future,
  4. the article was not accepted and will not be offered for publication elsewhere,
  5. the list of authors of the article includes all persons who have played a significant contribution role,
  6. the list of authors of the article does not include persons who have not significantly contributed to it,
  7. the article correctly lists all quotes and does not contain passages and thoughts without mentioning the source,
  8. the content of the article is based on actual research,
  9. article states sources of research funding in case if contribution was generated within the funding,
  10. none of the authors is in conflict with the content of the article in a conflict of interest.

Reviewer’s Ethics

The reviewer commits:

  1. to evaluate articles objectively, solely on the basis of their scientific quality,
  2. accept the fact that reviews are anonymous from both sides,
  3. keep the content of the reviewed articles secret,
  4. make reviews personally and without unnecessary delay.

Editor's Code of Ethics

The editor commits:

  1. to receive articles on a non-discriminatory basis from all authors,
  2. evaluate whether the articles delivered meet the formal and content criteria, whether they are in line with the scope of the journal and, in the event of a negative evaluation, inform the authors without undue delay,
  3. keep the contents of the delivered articles in secret,
  4. send an article in the specified deadlines to at least two reviewers who are not in close contact with the authors, while maintaining the anonymity of the authors,
  5. without undue delay to inform the authors about the outcome of the review process while maintaining reviewers' anonymity, 
  6. to include the articles received in the nearest available edition of the journal, taking into account its content balance.