The Student Parliament of the Faculty of International Relations of the EU in Bratislava (ŠPFMV) is a student organization operating at the FMV EU. Student Parliament members are individual representatives from each year of study at FMV wanting productive and in favor FMV students use their free time. Currently, the Student Parliament with 2-3 representatives from each year of study. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are also members of the Academic Senate of the EU, and the Chairman of ŠPFMV is also a member of the College of the Dean of FMV, where he defends the interests of students of the Faculty. You can find a list of ŠPFMV members on the web

The main tasks of the student parliament include:

  • representing students in academic bodies,
  • solving problems, comments and suggestions with the faculty management,
  • informing students about events at the faculty and university,
  • organization of student fun / discussion events (Face2Face, Mystery Hunt, Queez),
  • organization of university-wide events (Beánia, Lámavica)
  • distribution of accommodation
  • and many more.

You can contact members of the student parliament at any time you deem appropriate, through a direct visit to parliament during office hours or through social media.

You can reach us during office hours, which you will find on the website in our room D4.44 in the new building.


Student Parliament of the Faculty of International Relations

Chairman: Gabriela Šujanská