The profile of graduate in the study program International Economic Relations at the third degree is determined  by a set of scientific knowledge in that particular area. Scientific research is the subject of an interdisciplinary area not only of the economy, but also in the social and political context of the development of entities in the world economic environment and the mutual relations between them. Doctoral studies focus on the following areas of knowledge: macroeconomics, international economic relations, the world economy. A graduate of the third degree in the study field International Economic Relations is a broadly trained highly qualified expert who is able to address complex practical and theoretical problems in the particular field. Graduates find employment as scientific research staff in theoretical institutions, as pedagogical staff at universities, as managers in national and international institutions aimed at developing international cooperation and international economic and political integration.



The first students of the internal and external doctoral studies defended dissertation theses and obtained a PhD degree (philosophiae doctor) in 2004. Graduates of the Faculty can work as experts in the field of international relations, international economic relations, economic diplomacy, in the bodies of national administration, in private sector, in international governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc.