The Department of international political relations is a pedagogical, scientific and research workplace in the field of international relations. The core of teaching in the department consists of mandatory subjects dealing with the political dimension of international relations, cultures in international relations and international organizations. At the same time, the lecturers of the Department teach subjects of a societal basis, into which philosophy, political science and sociology are included at several faculties of the University. In teaching these subjects, the Department provides students with a comprehensive, general basic knowledge of the life and development of the current society with an emphasis on socio-economic and political phenomena and processes. The main purpose of the Department is to provide students with the orientation in current international relations, focusing on politics, security, socio-economic and cultural phenomena and processes. In the field of scientific and research activities, the Department concentrates on issues and trends in the development of international relations, in particular in the fields of politics and security, as well as their socio-economic and cultural connections. Attention is also given to the problems of actions by the European Union and the Slovak Republic in international relations.


Since 2007, the position of the head of the KMPV has been performed by:

2007 - 2013 Associate Professor. Mgr. Frantisek Skvrnda, CSc. (until 31 August 2013) ;

2013 (from 1 September 2013) - 2015 (until 31 August 2015) Professor PhDr. Karol Sorby, DrSc .;

2015 (since September 1, 2015) - until now Assoc. Prof.. Mgr. Ľubomír ČECH, CSc.